About Vy

On a summer day, Vy was born in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

At 13, she dreamed of becoming an interior designer in Florence because she did not know what to do in the future. She only knew that she loved decorating her room and all things Italian.

At 17, she studied abroad in the UK because she loved Jane Austen’s novels.

At 20, she studied History of Art and Film Studies because she loves visual cultures.

Now, she continues her study in Italy because she loves Italian food and landscapes, not to mention Italian Renaissance art.

They have nothing to do with her graduate programme Arts Management, which focuses on contemporary art and art business. Yet Vy is open minded to try new things.

At any moment, she is willing to travel to anywhere to do what she loves.

She also loves cooking and baking no matter how busy she is.

And she truly loves art.

The reason why Vy started her blog, Vylyst, is here.