Why Vylyst?

Hi everyone, I am Vy (pronunciation: Vee) and I have random thoughts every day. My thoughts are mostly about food, art, and cultures.

I feel happy every time I think about those things so I have decided to start this blog: Vylyst (which is a stylized way of writing Vy’s lists), to document my lists of happiness.

This blog is simply my own way to arrange my random thoughts into a logical order and share them with anyone who is interested.

I tend to write things about places I have been which are:

  • 6 cities I have lived (in chronological order): Hanoi (Vietnam), Chichester (UK), Oxford (UK), Sacramento (USA), Rome (Italy), Venice (Italy).
  • 26 countries I have visited (in no particular order): USA, UK, Switzerland, Leichtenstein, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy, The Vatican City, San Marino, Malta, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia.

My ultimate goal is to explore every culture around the world, with a focus on art and food. I do not write a lot about art on my blog though because I already deal with it academically.

My proudest accomplishment up till now? I turned my passions for art and food into an undergraduate dissertation – The Representation of Food and Feasting In 17th-Century Dutch Sumptuous Still Life. 

My story is here.


25 thoughts on “Why Vylyst?

    1. We sure do have common interests! I love how blogging help me find like minded people! Thank you for stopping by! I absolutely in love with your blog! Will definitely keep coming back! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Divya, I have just noticed that my name is part of your name! 🙂 What a coincidence! By the way, I have been stalking your Instagram page. Seriously you need to open a workshop in Rome. I really want to learn some baking craft from a talented baker like you.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Oh my God! You’re right!
      You’re too sweet my dear:) Haha I would just love that more for being able to live in Rome 😉
      I’m truly grateful for these compliments, thank you for the love ❤
      I I hadn't absentmindedly forgotten my phone at home, I would have explored your wonderful page:) I will very soon 🙂
      Also, very eager to explore your blogposts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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