Vy’s Story: How I Met Shah Rukh Khan in Sofia

First of all, who is Shah Rukh Khan, and why does it mean so much for me and my dad to meet him?

If you are not a Bollywood fan, you might not already know that Shah Rukh Khan is an influential and powerful Indian actor. He was also one of the world’s highest-paid actors in 2015 according to Forbes.

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Shah Rukh Khan | The Indian Express

My dad and I have a lot of things in common. Film is one of our passions. Our go-to film would always be a Bollywood comedy/drama/musical one because its hybrid and uplifting content pleases everyone in the family.

Since we have watched plenty of Bollywood films, we gradually become fans of the talented actor Shah Rukh Khan. Our favourite films include Kuch Kuch Hota HaiVeer-Zaara, and My Name is Khan.

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The story of how I met Shah Rukh Khan is rooted in my dad’s youth. In May 1975, when my dad was only 18 years old, he took a 12-day train ride to Varna (Bulgaria) from Hanoi (Vietnam). He spent more than 4 years studying and working in Varna before coming back to Hanoi for good. He had always loved Bulgaria very much and yearned for another visit to this country.

The beach of Varna | © Vylyst

My dad had always said that one day he would take me to Bulgaria and show me how beautiful the beaches of Varna were. So I added Varna to my travel bucket list.


Above: Vy’s dad and granddad in Varna in the 1970s. Below: Vy in Varna in 2015. | © Vylyst

In July 2015, we finally made it to Bulgaria, and it was our first Europe trip together. Before arriving in Varna (where we recreated the photo of my dad and granddad), we visited our relatives in the capital Sofia.

Vy and her dad in Sofia | © Vylyst

In the evening of the 18th of July 2015, our relatives spontaneously took us to a shopping mall. While hanging out in a stationery store, I suddenly saw someone who looked a lot like Shah Rukh Khan. I stayed calm. I called my dad. We both confirmed that was indeed Shah Rukh Khan.

We approached the actor. I asked if he was Shah Rukh Khan. His bodyguard stopped us but Shah Rukh Khan reassured the guard. I asked if we could take a photo with him. Shah Rukh Khan nodded his head. I immediately introduced that we were his fans from Vietnam. Then the guard took one photo for the three of us. Only one photo, and it was not blurry.

From left to right: Vy, Shah Rukh Khan, and Vy’s dad | © Vylyst


No one else in the store recognized Shah Rukh Khan. My dad and I met the actor in a casual and quiet setting. We were absolutely over the moon because it took us zero effort to meet our idol.

Not until we found out that Shah Rukh Khan had been in Bulgaria to work on his 2015 film Dilwale did we believe that we had not been dreaming. We did not know that 2 days before we met him, Shah Rukh Khan had posted about his time in Bulgaria on his Twitter.

Connecting with the past and loving your parents will bring you incredible surprises that you would want to treasure forever. Everything seems possible.

Unexpectedly meeting the King of Bollywood in Sofia and effortlessly taking a photo with him was a surreal and unforgettable moment. This once-in-a-lifetime encounter all started with my dad’s natural longing for his time in the beautiful Bulgaria.

Most importantly, that was the peak of our unbreakable father-and-daughter bond. 


Taken during a road trip from Sofia to Varna | © Vylyst



27 thoughts on “Vy’s Story: How I Met Shah Rukh Khan in Sofia

  1. Shah Rukh is my favorite bollywood actor and I love him and am a die heart fan of his ! He is a witty man as many might know by seeing him on TED TALKS – India ki nayi Soch ! He is also my idol ! Lucky you that you met him ! I also met him 🙂

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  2. Shah Rukh Khan is also very famous in Indonesia, although I personally like Aamir Khan’s movies better. 🙂 How cool it is to go on a dream trip with your father AND bump into your favorite actor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bama, I really like Aamir Khan too! My favorite films are 3 Idiots and Stelle sulla Terra. 🙂

      I know! The best part was that it was totally a surprise. 🙂 I mean who would expect to see an Indian actor in Bulgaria? 😛


  3. I have never watched Bollywood, sounds like I should start?? The guy looks quite handsome. And is his guard secretly a pro photographer?? That is an awesome photo, so natural but radiant! Did you get to have a chat?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jolene, sorry I missed your comment.

      Why don’t you start with Shah Rukh Khan’s films? 😛 Actually the first Bollywood film I watched was Om Shanti Om, and I was impressed with the dancing and music as well as the glamorous costumes. 🙂

      We got to say hi and that was it. He looked really tired so we did not want to bother him too much. 😦


  4. You must have a very good eye to be able to spot him, Vy! If I were there, I think I could not recognise him. Although he is a super star, he really looks ordinarily (and nice). I saw Karl Lagerfeld once in Hamburg, but his entourage was so large, I dare not to approach 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  5. What a beautiful story))
    I also love Shah Rukh Khan 🙂
    but it is incredible how it all happened at the right time – your trip to Bulgaria with your father and unexpected meeting of the actor you both love! Sometimes life brings us wonderful coincidences that lead to such wonderful stories))

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw thank you so much! It is great to know my fellow bloggers are also his fans!

      You are right! Sometimes the most wonderful things happen without any plans 🙂


  6. Wonderful post, Vy! and happy photos 🙂
    I know Shah Rukh Khan, I have watched a few of his movies since Bollywood is very popular in Nepal and most of us understand Hindi because of Bollywood (and similarity to Nepali language). What a con-incidence that you met him at such a casual setting! I am sure he was surprised that there were fans from Vietnam who recognized and met him in Sofia! So random 😀 Sounds like your dad had an adventure in his youth years! What a wonderful trip you guys had together.
    I am really hoping that I can visit Bulgaria next year. I want to visit Sofia, maybe Varna and want to attend rose valley festival (roses are my favorite!!) and hopefully I can combine the trip with Thessaloniki in Greece to give myself some beach time. I love Eastern Europe.

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    1. Thank you so much Pooja! I did not know that Nepali and Hindi are similar languages! How eye-opening!

      Yes, you are right! I think he looked a bit surprised. 😀

      I love Eastern Europe too! It is great to share this affection with a lovely fellow blogger like you! Your plan sounds awesome! I hope you can make it during the Rose festival like you said! The festival is on my bucket list too. And I also love Thessaloniki! Such a laid-back beach city. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. He is incredible, isn’t he? When I met him, he was not as glamorous as he usually was in the movies. I think he did not expect to see any fans in a shopping mall haha but his graceful attitude was definitely there.

      Yes, I love Hindi films 😀 So nice to meet other fellow SRK fans here 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. My heart beat a fast rhythm when I used to watch him in a TV show during the early days of his acting career. He used to look nothing less than a monkey but there was that je n’ais se quoi about him. Personality. xx

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