Venice: The Ordinary Soul

To dispel the myth about her abandoned beauty, Venice showcases her everyday charm. 

6pm – Arriving in Venice for the second time, I expect to see a lot of contemporary art. I am here to attend the Venice Biennale with my course mates.

Getting off the boat at Giardini, the first thing I see is actually not art.

Instead, I see hung clothes waving at me. I hear Venetians talking to each other. I feel life. Not a thriving and dynamic scene. But it is indeed local everyday life.

The hung clothes impress me because they look tasteful. The scenes are created by Venetians and represent the tranquil life in this other side of Venice. Does this mean they are pieces of art themselves, accidentally?

It is raw and unintentional. It is unrefined and modest. Once again, I am enchanted by the vision of Venice.

22 May, 2017


Would you like to see the ordinary life of Venice?

File 29-06-2017, 22 58 02.jpeg

File 29-06-2017, 22 56 20.jpeg

File 29-06-2017, 22 57 12.jpeg




On my way to Venice Biennale.

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7 thoughts on “Venice: The Ordinary Soul

  1. I love photos of life just happening. The normality of it; the normality that is only endemic to a region. If we hang our clothes like that in Sydney apartments we would be fined 😂, but they do remind me of life in China. Hope you enjoyed Venice!

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    1. Me too, dear Jolene! What a great word – “endemic”! That is so true! We hang clothes in Hanoi too but I have never seen any beauty in that until I come to Italy. 🙂 Venice was wonderful! You are visiting it soon right?

      Liked by 1 person

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