Wisteria: The Queen of Spring in Rome

Have you ever smelled wisteria? Its fragrance is sweet and subtle as if it is a modest flower. Quite the contrary, its light purple presence is actually dominant and compelling – it never acts alone and it also knows where to showcase its charm. Wisteria is casting its charm all over Rome at the moment. Its throne, though, is near Piazza Venezia. 

10 am I am going to Bibliotheca Angelica near the Pantheon to work on my thesis… by bus. I know I have recently commented on the fact that buses in Rome have a tendency to be on fire. But it would take 40 mins on foot to get there.

10:10 am –  As expected, my bus is late. Should I walk or keep waiting? The sun is shining, and the wisteria vine across the road is blooming. Well, I can sunbath and watch the flower while waiting.

View at the bus stop, little wisteria | © Vylyst

10:20 am – Finally my bus comes but I have a feeling that it will take forever because today is Friday. Do you know that strikes and demonstrations tend to happen on a Friday in Rome?

10:40 am – Again, as expected, there is some sort of event so the traffic is even worst. I do not know which event it is. Do you?

11 am I get off near Piazza Venezia to walk to the library. Here I encounter the most magical scene of spring.

A huge vine of purple wisteria is fully blooming on the staircase leading to the top of the Capitoline Hill, the very centre of Rome. The background of the vine is the white marble magnificent Altare Della Patria, one of the most iconic landmarks of Rome. This, I have not expected. How elegant! How impressive! Wisteria, I crown you the Queen of Spring in Rome. You outdo cherry blossoms and judas flowers in my opinion.

If I walked, I would not have come across this scene. I am truly impressed with this unexpected appearance of wisteria. I saw wisteria vines before in Oxford in the UK but I have never seen so much wisteria in my life. And suddenly, I forget about the bad start of my day. 

Frustration, admiration, predicted frustration, unexpected admiration. That is the pattern of my life in Rome. 

Friday,  31st March 2017




19 thoughts on “Wisteria: The Queen of Spring in Rome

  1. Lovely. We went to the Non-Catholic Cemetery yesterday and there wisteria is represented too. And last year I went behind the Typewriter too and that black statue above looked like something out of Star Wars to me! All in all, it was lovely even in June without the wisteria. (Here is my post, if you’re interested: https://manjameximovie.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/suvis-saturday-statues-piazza-del-campidoglio/)

    And today all that rain! :p I had only a short stroll around our neighbourhood (Monteverde) and took some random after rain photos. Tomorrow sister arrives and pick her up in Orvieto and then back home to Tuscany.

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    1. Haha it takes me a while to figure out what the Typewriter is. It turns out to be the Wedding Cake – I only know this nickname, not the other one. 😛
      I really like the Non-Catholic cemetery – such a hidden gem in Rome!
      I live in Monteverde too! 😀 Maybe you have also seen the Judas trees in this area? 🙂

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    2. Hihih! What a nice coincidence. 🙂 I’m sure I have seen them around. Tomorrow I’ll post some flowers from around here. I’ll return in a month or so and if you’re still here we can plan a little stroll. 🙂

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    3. [ Off Topic ] Last summer I was on board of a (non-flaming) bus and when we arrived in front of Piazza Venezia, an American tourist pointed Altare della Patria and said to her friend: “Look!Do you remember?THE WEDDING CAKE!!!” I swear to you, I had an heart attack, because I thought they had a cake on the form of Altare della Patria for a wedding…with all those TV programmes about cake design, I though they ordered a cake like that, HAHA. I discovered about the nickname only later * shame *

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    4. haha, one of my Italian friends pointed out the Wedding Name nickname to me. Otherwise, I would have no idea either. Now I also know about the Typewriter nickname, cannot wait to tell my friends who are coming to visit haha. I wonder who assigned those nicknames. 😛

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  2. Oh that burgeon of lavender! I love Wisteria, it’s one of my favourite blooms! Lovely article and thank you for sharing 😊 Nature has a magical effect on our mood, it’s the best therapy:)
    I remember a burst of fuschia coloured bougainvillea in Villa Borghese! It was a joyous moment!

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