Spring In Rome: Room With A View And Some Thoughts On Living In Rome

In February, as I took a walk in my neighborhood, I saw the first sign of Spring in Rome through the blossoming of subtle pink cherry flowers.

This month, Spring has brought a more vibrant colour to my neighborhood. This time I do not have to leave my apartment to admire the beauty of Spring because it is visible from my window. I have looked out from this window a thousand times but the view has never been this pleasing.

The blossoming trees really surprise me because I have not expected them to have such gorgeous flowers. At first sight, Rome is excellent at beautifying its streets by planting uniform trees. Yet, not quite. Rome also has a serious rubbish problem, and its streets are rarely clear from rubbish, not to mention dog sh*t. The bins are often overloaded and even smelly.

Similar to many expats living in Rome, I have developed a love-hate relationship with the Eternal City. The last picture in this post encapsulates what I love and hate about it. The wonderful sights and the ideal weather are hard not to love. The wonder of the city itself is beyond imagination.

The problem lies within the people who govern Rome. The unsightly rubbish bins and rarely-on-time buses are certainly frustrating. What’s worst, no one seems to take a prompt action. Getting around Rome using public transportation is a true lesson on being patient. The buses are so angry at themselves that they have even burst into flames.

Anyway, there is always a price to pay to live in such a dreamy city like Rome. You gain some, you lose some. Nevertheless, I will continue to love Rome and explore its beauty.

Anyone knows the name of these flowers? They are not a type of cherry blossoms, are they?

Update on 31 of March 2017: I have recently found out that these trees with deep pink flowers are Judas trees – its scientific name is Cercis. The name derives from the legend that Judas hanged himself from a tree of this kind. And guess what? The Judas flowers have many medicinal uses. You can actually use the flowers to make health tea. Find out more here.

Spring in Rome | © Vylyst
Spring in Rome | © Vylyst
Spring in Rome | © Vylyst
Spring in Rome | © Vylyst
Spring in Rome | © Vylyst
Spring in Rome | © Vylyst
What I love and hate about Rome | © Vylyst

43 thoughts on “Spring In Rome: Room With A View And Some Thoughts On Living In Rome

    1. Thank you for your comment! Just so you know that there is a holiday in mid-August in Italy so most of the stores are closed but Rome will be alive again in September so don’t worry. 🙂

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  1. Hey Vy, is this where you live?? It would be amazingly refreshing to have this view in the mornings… Somehow I love that shot with the old couple crossing the street – isn’t that weird? Hope I don’t get roasted by Rome in July.

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    1. Hi Jolene, I love that pic too! It is an image I have encountered frequently in Rome. 🙂 The elderly couples here are quite sweet! It is already pretty warm here in Rome now. 🙂 To be honest, I am not looking forward to the summer in Rome as it is boiling! Nonetheless, you will definitely have a great time! Just make sure to bring water, sunscreen and a hat! 😉

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  2. Wow, what a beautiful view right from your apartment! It’s lovely. And proper spring weather too 🙂 Spring has just slowly began here in Poland and this weekend I am thinking of taking a walk in the park to see if any flowers have bloomed yet. But definitely no cherries so far. Haha I remember the late trains (almost every time, every day!) when I was visiting Rome for a short time. We lost so much time using the public transport there. I loved the weather and the city itself so that’s a plus 🙂

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    1. Pooja, I have never been to Poland so I would be very interested to see which flowers Poland has. 😊 The weather has been like this for 6 out of 7 days a week. Like you, it is one of the reasons I can cope with the Italian problematic system. 😂

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  3. Mmh, I don’t think they’re cherry blossoms, as the colour is weird and even the flowers and leaves have a different form.

    The burning buses * sigh and facepalm *
    Italy is a great place to visit, but it’s a nightmare living here most of the times. And I say this as an Italian who loves her culture and the history of her country. Living in small towns is definitely better, but lately, with all the problems connected with the economic crises, the lack of work etc, it’s getting harder and harder for everyone all over the country.

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    1. Italian history and culture is for me one of the most fascinating in the world. Even a lover of Italy like me cannot ignore all the problems going on here. I am sorry that Italy has not recovered from the economic crisis (since 2008?)

      I thought the system in the North was a bit better because someone told me that Northern cities were wealthier. Is that true? Where do you think is the best place to live in Italy?

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    2. Yeah, Northern Italy is historically wealthier, but the crises has hit really hard also in here. In fact the migration – which was something that in the last decades mainly involved Southern people – has started to spread among Northern Italians as well.

      Oh wow, that’s a hard question…Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont were (still are?) the richest regions in Italy (because the secondary sector was mainly based in here), but, as for the best place to live, many people would probably say South Tyrol, which has a low unemployment rate, a favorable tax system and an impressive attention and care for the territory. But the cost of living is higher and it’s definitely harder to mingle with locals. It all depends on the pov, I guess.

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    3. !!! Oh wow! I did know of the existence of the Judas tree, but I had no idea it was this one…well, now we know where Judas hanged himself o_O

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  4. Lovely shots! The colour of the cherry blossoms is really different than the one in Germany. It resembles hoa đào, right? I like Rome (maybe because my stay there was short). It somehow reminds me of Vietnam: the noise, the crazy scooter drivers, the traffic jams, and the bursting buses (that is new for me haha). But I think all those dirtiness and chaos are parts of the city. If I remember correctly, Rome has already been chaotic since the Roman 🙂

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    1. Someone told me that these could be cherry blossoms but I don’t think they are. Their hue is too vivid. I don’t know what they are though. 😛
      Yes, Rome is a crazy city! It was more orderly under Mussolini’s rule I think. Anyway, it is fun living in such a city. My life in the UK was a lot calmer but I guess I was bored at some points. 😛


  5. Just an hour or so ago I saw this news about busses on fire. It’s incredible! So many of them!!! Only in Italy are they still in the streets. 😦 And you’re right – always much to love and always some things to hate… I only visit Rome once a month or so, so I tend to only see the good sides. As for the trees – I’m confused about what colour means which tree too. Very pretty in any case.

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    1. I know! Since living in Rome, the flaming bus is the craziest thing I have heard so far! I have used the buses frequently but I am a bit scared of them now. 😛
      I am pretty sure that the light pink flowers are cherry blossoms but for these vivid ones, I am not sure what they are. 🙂 When the sun does not shine on them, they have a purple hue.
      I guess life in Tuscany is less dramatic for you? 🙂

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    2. No drama here at all. 🙂 If you don’t count flowers I can’t identify either. But amore works in Roma and we have been talking just now about the busses and all that, and it’s quite possible that somebody is making a point with their burning. I can’t understand why nobody is doing an investigation. In America they would already make a film about it. :p 19 burnt busses in the last 12 months!! 😮

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    3. Yes! That is ridiculous! One burnt bus should have already been a big deal! 😒 Actually, since the new year I have seen quite a few brand new ATAC buses. There are still old buses running though, and the summer is coming. What if the heat triggers more 🔥?

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