Spring In Rome: A Chance To Slow Down

Since my last post, I have traveled to France, Vietnam, Thailand, and then Spain. Yet, Italy is still the one place that keeps inspiring me to think, to write, and to share my pictures with you.

I could have written a post on my favourite places in Aix-en-Provence, on the traditions of Vietnamese New Year, on my impressions of Bangkok, on how much I love Barcelona or even on the most wonderful dining experience in Girona – but I kept postponing… until Rome.

Still, Rome… is where my heart is. This is why:

A few steps away from my apartment is a cherry-blossom street. On a Sunday afternoon, amid a thousand of assignments, I decided to take a 15-min break.

It turned to be a relaxing and inspirational walk as the street was free from running cars and filled with elegant cherry-blossom trees. Spring has come to my neigbourhood! I thought to myself I should have done this more often and admired the beauty of everyday life, something that is often overlooked.
I cherished every moment of the walk because I know that… cherry blossom trees can be anywhere but cherry blossoms against an opaque orange wall? What a beautiful sight! It has to be in Rome. And an old white Fiat under a cherry blossom tree in front of an opaque orange building? Nothing is more Italian than that!

Today is a rainy and windy day in Rome. How lucky I am to have taken that break on a sunny day. Even if it is sunny again, will the blossoms stay the same after all the rains and winds? Now that I think about it, I only have 10 months left in Italy. That sounds like a lot of time but trust me… that is not. 


Let me know if you want to know the name of the street and take the walk by yourself. 

06 March, 2017



15 thoughts on “Spring In Rome: A Chance To Slow Down

  1. I’ve never been to Italy, but it does sound like a dream. I’ve always been enthralled by its beauty and history. Maybe one day… Cherry blossoms are rather pretty aren’t they? In Washington D.C. they have the cherry blossom festival and it is stunning.

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  2. Really pretty Vy, as you say, there are cherry blossoms everywhere but these pics are surely the epitome of Italy. It seems like you have been busy gallivanting around Europe… Look forward to your posts on your weekend retreats! 😊


  3. Oh wow, spring is already there ❤ So beautiful! I love the burst of colors, flowers and smell in the air during spring. I am waiting for it eagerly here in Poland, although my favorite season has to be autumn. Nice that you live so close from a beautiful street! I am also lucky that the city where I live here has many parks and trees. Enjoy your remaining 10 months in Italy! What places are you planning to visit? I really want to visit the Cinque Terre region and Sicily island in Italy someday! I have just been to Rome.

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    1. It is always amazing to live close to parks and trees! Fresh air is much needed in big cities. Thank you so much! During this 10 months, I hope to see as much of Italy as possible because every region has its own beauty! You are such a mind reader! ❤ I am actually going to Cinque Terre in two weeks!! Palermo, the capital of Sicily is on my bucket list too. And also the Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Lake Como, Sorrento,…! Not to mention other European countries such as Poland. 🙂

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  4. This is so beautiful. ❤ I just retold this to my amore who is Roma native and now we live in Tuscany. It’s true, blossoms are here all around as well. Happy spring and your 10 months. Surely you can come back later too?

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    1. Tuscany, what a wonderful place to live! I am visiting Florence, Pisa and Lucca next weekend! Can’t wait to see spring there! I sincerely hope that I could come back one day! 🙂 Thank you and happy spring to you and your amore too! ❤

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