Vatican Christmas Tree Lighting And An Unusual Tiramisu (Part 2)

I and two friends discovered the tiramisu shop Tiramisú Trastevere by chance. The shop has lots of different flavors, for example, Nutella, oreo, cherry, and almond. You can also choose your own toppings. It is just like a smoothie shop. Although the place was fun, I was not impressed with the latte di mandorla (almond milk) flavor that I tried on my first visit.

Pompi, a dessert shop near Piazza di Spagna, is still my number one choice in Rome when it comes to classic tiramisu, my all-time favorite dessert. (Still, nothing beats my homemade one).

But my second time at Tiramisú Trastevere was a different story. I am always up for trying new flavors. If you read about my food adventures in the U.S., you would know that I had even try bacon brownies. So as soon as I saw birramisu (beer tiramisu), I just had to try it despite my skepticism. 

8 pm –  After watching the Vatican Christmas Tree Lighting and having a light Japanese dinner, I and some friends go for dessert. Once in Rome, it seems impossible to not have a dessert even when you are not hungry. 

Something on the menu catches my eyes: birramisu. I learned the word birra before. It means beer but I still have to ask the staff what it is. She explains that to make birramisu the ladyfingers would be dipped in a type of beer instead of coffee. Of course, I have to try this.

And it is divine, I must say! Served with a caramel sauce, salted peanuts, and pretzels, birramisu is a modern take on the classic Italian dessert. The beer is light, and the overall flavor is just right. 

Location: Tiramisú Trastevere, Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 29, 00153 Roma

Have you tried birramisu


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 5.46.49 PM.png


26 thoughts on “Vatican Christmas Tree Lighting And An Unusual Tiramisu (Part 2)

  1. Isn’t it quite nice when they have the mirrors up so you can see what they’re doing?! I love that little simple addition. Looks delicious!

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    1. Yeah, great job! The traditional receipe indicates that lady fingers should be used! In Italian they are called savoiardi and here in Veneto we use Savoiardi Vincenzovo by Matilde Vincenzi 🙂

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    2. Sorry if I reply only now! Here in Veneto I find this brand basically everywhere…it’s quite well-known, so I guess you can find it in all the major supermarkets. I tried to check their website, but their distributors weren’t specified.

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    1. I have updated an image of its location on google maps. It’s in the neighborhood Trastevere, which I highly recommend visiting. However, the best classic tiramisu is at Pompi Tiramisu, near Piazza di Spagna. 🙂

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    2. Excellent – I think I might give the traditional tiramisu a try first 😂
      On another note, can I pick your brains of how a person should spend their one day in Rome? I’ll have only one day (but I can start early😉). Thanks heaps!!


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