Vatican Christmas Tree Lighting And An Unusual Tiramisu (Part 1)

Watching the lights of St. Peter’s Basilica and of the Christmas tree at the Vatican City turned on is a wonderful experience, despite a long wait. How special it was to see the transition from light to dawn of the sky. It was delightful to see the stark difference between the normal and the illuminated city-state. 

5pm – Sitting with some friends. Waiting in the cold. Listening to a man speaking Italian. He says grazie mille (thank you very much) and Natale (Christmas) a lot. My Italian is not good enough to understand his seemingly meaningful speech. I start to feel sleepy, and I bet the Vatican City does too. 

5.30pm – Finally, the moment has come. Everyone starts the countdown. Cinque, quattro, tre, due, uno (Five, four, three, two, one). Then magic happens. Piazza San Pietro becomes alive. Sleepiness gives way to excitement. It is indeed a very charming scene! 

8pm- It turns out that the Vatican Christmas tree lighting has not been the only highlight of my day.

9 December 2016




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