Late Autumn In Rome: A Walk Along River Tiber

I could not let autumn go. Although I was born in summer, autumn is my true love. Isn’t it funny that I feel more like an autumn girl than a summer girl? The same applies to my horoscope sign. No one believes that I am a Leo. Anyway, I have to enjoy autumn while it lasts. Apart from Villa Sciarra and Trastevere, I found river Tiber to be a perfect spot to absorb the romantic season.

12.30pm – Before meeting my friend at a famous pizza restaurant, Pizzeria da Michele (expect a post on the best Neapolitan pizza soon), I have decided to do a spontaneous  walk since it is incredibly sunny.

I still keep the habit of going out whenever it is sunny  – the habit that I had in England because those sunny days were pretty rare. We all need vitamin D, don’t we?

Having walked along river Tiber a few times before, I know how beautiful it is. Yet, this time is a different story. Autumn has come to its full glory. And again, its beauty surprises me. Why? Because it exists alongside the chaotic roads of Rome. Its calm beauty is the exact opposite of the noisy Roman streets.

When I first met Rome in August, all I saw were chaos. Now I also see tranquility. After the walk, I feel that I get to know Rome better and love the city more.

07 December 2016


I love seeing how humans are so small in front of nature. How many people are there in my photos?

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15 thoughts on “Late Autumn In Rome: A Walk Along River Tiber

  1. So beautiful! I also love sunny autumn days like that – my absolute favorite. I was waiting for whole year to experience a day like that here in Poland, but this autumn it was rainy and very cold, maybe there were 5 days sunshine during the whole season 😦 Now it’s already winter and there are no autumn colors anymore 😦 Is it still autumn in Rome? So cool!

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    1. I totally feel you! When I was in England, autumn was way too fast and it was not sunny much. Autumn in Rome is different – it lasts for a long time, even until now and it is sunny most of the time. I love it!


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