Special Rome: A Wednesday Morning in Piazza Venezia

On my way to Palazzo Barberini last Wednesday, I encountered a mysterious event at Piazza Venezia. It turned out to be very special to me. Have you ever listened to your national anthem live in a foreign country?

9.30am – I am on the bus 44, which is full as always. I need to change to another bus near Piazza Venezia to get to Palazzo Barberini. 

Suddenly the bus takes a strange detour just before reaching Piazza Venezia. Oh, another road closure? Classic Rome. The same thing happened to me exactly three weeks ago on my way to the Vatican City.

Security. Police. Carabinieri. Everywhere. It seems like a serious event is taking place in front of the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland). I do not have time for this. I need to walk to Palazzo Barberini and be there by 10am for a class site-visit.

Something makes me stop walking. A familiar melody. A patriotic one in fact. It is the Vietnamese national anthem! 

I cannot believe my ears. Playing the Vietnamese anthem in the center of Rome? What a great surprise!

23 November 2016


Later I found out that it was a welcoming ceremony for the Vietnamese President, Tran Dai Quang. I have never listened to my national anthem in such a splendid setting nor have I seen Piazza Venezia in such an orderly manner. I really felt emotional!



14 thoughts on “Special Rome: A Wednesday Morning in Piazza Venezia

  1. Hey Vy, must admit I’m yet to hear the Aussie anthem anywhere else but I’m sure there’d be tears streaming down my face if I were to hear it😜😂 I’m sooo loving your photos of the country – can’t believe I have so much to look forward to. Do post more!!

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    1. Thank you, Jolene! It did feel very different from when I listened to the Vietnamese anthem from a radio or TV in Vietnam. Italy has aroused many emotions in me since I have moved here 3 months ago, many more than my 6 years in the UK. 😛 I am sure you will fall in love with the country once you are here.

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