Autumn In Rome: Exploring Villa Sciarra

Autumn plays hide and seek in Rome. It comes to Rome slowly, yet suddenly at the same time. In the beginning of November, I could see minor changes in the color of leaves here and there, yet nothing striking. Now as I purposefully look for autumnal colors in Villa Sciarra, one of the most beautiful parks in Rome, the beauty of Autumn reveals itself… dramatically.

3pm – It is another sunny day in Rome. Not too chilly. I join a tree lover for a walk and start exploring the gorgeous Villa Sciarra.

The first thing catches my eye is a spectacular tree with bright yellow small leaves. I say to my friend: “Look over there!”. “Ginkgo, it’s a ginkgo tree!”, she utters.

Then we start to identify many hues of yellow, orange, orange-red and brown among the common greens. It all makes sense now. Hiding between the green leaves, Autumn is shy and sensitive when in Rome. Unlike Spring, Autumn does not show off. The only way to enjoy autumn is to look for it.

Also in the park, we discover elaborate fountains, mysterious sculptures, and intricate ironwork. Autumn has chosen a heavenly and historical place to showcase its delicate beauty.

Autumn smells delicately too. There is a white four-petaled flower, which has a similar fragrance to jasmine. I cannot stop smelling it. I smile at the little flower without knowing its name.

Here today, there tomorrow. That’s how autumn in Rome is. Enjoy it while it lasts.

21 November 2016


Location: Villa Sciarra, Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi, 11, 00153 Roma

Opening hours: 7am – 6pm, every day.

Can you name the trees and flowers that I saw in Villa Sciarra?


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22 thoughts on “Autumn In Rome: Exploring Villa Sciarra

    1. Villa Sciarra is not as well known as other parks in Rome so I did not expect much. But when I went there, the park really overwhelmed me with its idealistic and hidden beauty. Now I think it is one of the most beautiful ones. I will definitely check out Villa Borghese soon. My friend told me that she even rode a boat on a lake there.

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    2. Oh yes, I have done that as well, it’s so pretty and it reminds me of the movie The Notebook! I haven’t walked through the whole park yet tho, it’s so big, so I’ll have to go back to explore more

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Autumn in Rome is mesmerizing Vy! Thanks for sharing! Compliments to you for capturing the splendid beauty! The trees are barren her
    e where we live but since morning I’m constantly being treated to the glory of Fall colours, thanks to you & people like you:) Grateful 🙂


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