San Francisco: From A Game Setting To Real Life

Have you ever been inspired by a computer game? During my early teenage years, I was a gamer. I used to play mystery-solving, hidden object and detective games, and one of the most inspiring one for me was Big City Adventures – San Francisco.

Set in San Francisco (California, the US), the game consists of mini puzzles and detective tasks like finding hidden objects in famous places in the city. Ever since I had always wanted to visit this beautiful city, especially the Japanese Tea Garden. Having not traveled much, I was fascinated by the idea of a little Japan in California, where East meets West. I thought it was impossible. In the game, San Francisco was very enchanting and mysterious – to the point that I was not sure if the city was real. 

Playing games is addictive but it has advantages too. Someone once asked what my secret of learning English was. I told her that I played lots of games in English. The key is to make learning fun. I did not know that playing games would also make my travel experience become more exciting and meaningful.

This day 2 years ago, I was in San Francisco, exploring the city for the third time. I was over the moon having my photos taken in this city. It is fulfilling when something from a movie, a painting or a game comes to life. This time I do not just watch or play but I… feel. The moment I visited the Japanese Tea Garden, I felt like stepping into my childhood’s dream, and I got to travel to Japan for one morning. 

10pm (Rome time) – Today, the presidential election reminds me of my time in the US. It is a beautiful and strong country, and I hope it remains so after the election, whoever wins. Even though both Trump and Hilary are not perfect choices, I prefer Hilary to win because if she does, she will be the first female president in the US! If Trump wins, will the US continue to be an international space embracing diverse cultures like what I saw 2 years ago?

P.S.: In 2011, another similar game, Mystery P.I.: Stolen in San Francisco, was released. I do not play this one but I like how it represents San Francisco so I will use some of its screenshots.

8 November, 2016



The Golden Gate Bridge taken by me in August 2014 | © Vylyst


A cell in the Alcatraz prison taken by me in November 2014 | © Vylyst


Chinatown taken by me in October 2014 | © Vylyst


A photo of me in front of the Painted Ladies in October 2014 | © Vylyst


The Japanese Tea Garden taken by me in October 2014 | © Vylyst


The Japanese Tea Garden taken by me in October 2014 | © Vylyst

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