A Sunday in The Vatican City And The Best Pizza In Rome (Part 2)

The moment Bonci Pizzarium opening its door. The excitement of strangers, who are together foodies. The smell of fresh pizza. The satisfaction of biting into the crunchy dough and the succulent toppings (with some truffle oil). That is the highlight of my Sunday.

12:05pm – Together with two other couples, I am in front of Bonci Pizzarium 20 mins before it opens (The place opens at 12pm on Sundays). I read in The Guardian that this is one of the best pizza places in Rome. In Naples, I tried the best classic pizza, and I was extremely pleased. Will I have a similar experience this time?

It is similar in the way that queueing does not exist in Italy except for tourist attractions. I just have to do it the Italian way, first eye contact (or talk) first served.

Italians love moving. They move hands when talking and move back and forth while ordering. The procedure is like this: Order on the left, pay on the right and then come back to the left to collect hot pizza slices. No one tells you which ready slices are yours, you just have to pay attention. Be an attentive customer!

And it is also different because the type of pizza is not Napotelian. It is super crunchy and has a variety of abundant toppings. This time let me try something classic (tomato-based), something I love (mushrooms) and something I have never tried before (It turns out to have truffle oil).

I love all of them, and this is definitely the best pizza I have tried so far in Rome. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.

This is the second part of A Sunday in The Vatican City And The Best Pizza In Rome (Part 1).

Price: around 20-26 EUR/kg.

Address: Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma




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