A Day Trip From Rome: Castel Gandolfo – Lago Albano

On a glorious Saturday with the blue sky and pleasant October weather, the need to get away from the big city grows.

To where should I escape to? Where can I find a typically small Italian town and some moments of tranquillity? The town Castel Gandolfo with a view of the lake Albano satisfies me.

It feels great to not have a plan. I and my friend just randomly wander around the city. Sometimes we stop as we catch a glimpse of the lake.

The narrow street in central town I love is full of flower pots, little gastronomic stores, restaurant chairs, and… signs of porchetta.

How can I not try porchetta, slow-cooked pork infused with rosemary and often eaten with homemade bread? Loving the quiet and cosy atmosphere of the place, we sit down on an outdoor table in the middle of the street to eat porchetta con panino. 

As we sit down, the couple on the next table smile at us. People seem to be happy in this town.

Is every lake always so heavenly? Stillness. Intense blue. Classic.

But wait, the sand is sparkling under the sunshine. It is black! This is a volcano! This is a volcanic crater lake! What was the last time it erupted?

Coming home, I enjoy the relaxing day with my friend. Yet, it keeps me thinking about all the volcanos in Italy, the one in the Vatican city and Mount Vesuvius in Naples. No one can assure nothing will happen… and something shaky happens the next morning.

Saturday, 29 October 2016,



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