Spring In Oxford: A View From South Park

The ultimate rule for English weather is: When it is sunny, no matter what you are up to, you just have to be outside and make the most out of the sunshine. Where is the best place to do this in Oxford? My favourite location is South Park in east Oxford.


Next to the Headington Campus of Oxford Brookes University is the spectacular South Park, which I think is the best place to enjoy spring in ‘the city of dreaming spires’. There are plenty of reasons why this is the case:

  • It has a vast area for picnicking, going for a walk, jogging, and playing outdoor activities.
  • Lots of spring-flowering trees showcase their beauty during April and May.
  • It is usually incredibly tranquil.

Well, other parks have those features too, so wait for this…

  • Located on Headington Hill, South Park offers a breathtaking view of Oxford’s skyline. This is where you can actually fully appreciate ‘the dreaming spires’ – the iconic architectural feature of Oxford’s buildings.

Have a look for yourselves:



Spring is in full swing right now! Why don’t you catch a glimpse of it before all the delicate flowers falling apart?


Practical information on South Park is here.

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