3 Things Vy Liked Best About The Netherlands

1. The aesthetic display in stores and cafés. 

It was on the way from my hostel to Museum Square that I discovered narrowed streets filled with adorable stores. Everything was arranged beautifully and each store was stylish enough to be distinctive. Unique individual items were put together harmoniously so their abundance could not bore you. It made my window shopping experience pleasant than ever.

I stayed at Hotel Torenzicht. I do recommend it because it was clean, offered good breakfast and close to the train station. It was on the edge of Red Light District though so you might see something like a weed museum, yet it was safe and was not chaotic at all!

 Traditional Dutch porcelains | © Vylyst
2. Art, to be specific, Van Gogh’s paintings.

I had seen quite a few Van Gogh’s works here and there either in the UK or the US. Yet, this time I got to see the ones that I studied during my exchange in the US: ‘The Potato Eaters’ (1885) and ‘Bedroom in Arles’ (1888)’. Plus, one painting I was curious about: Almond Blossom’ (1890).

Even if you do not know about the context of these paintings, you can still enjoy them visually because his use of colour is very unique. Sometimes it can be vibrant yet it does not overwhelm you. Also, his colours are symbolic so you can work out what is going on amusingly. For instance, what does the baby blue in ‘Almond Blossoms‘ remind you of?… Yes, a baby boy. The painting was indeed painted on the occasion of his nephew’s birth! The blossoms also represent hope.

Tip: Book your ticket in advance or bring an umbrella if you don’t.

Photos are not allowed inside this museum | © Vylyst
3. Flowers, to be specific, tulips!
This time I made it to one of my top 21 places I wished to visit: Keukenhof Tulip Garden in Lisse. It was literally a paradise of flowers. The arrangement of blossoms were artistic and diverse. Guess what? The theme of the garden this year was Van Gogh!


A heaven for flower lovers | © Vylyst
Overall, what I enjoyed most in this country were all to do with visual pleasures! If you are as passionate about visual culture as me, time to book for a holiday in The Netherlands!!!

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